Another Batch of Letters

((The short, italicized letter is written by Feygil’s player and posted here with her permission. Thank you, Fey))

To Nathanil Hawthorn, the Hawthorn Clinic, Bree-town
Sent Midsummer (and delivered belatedly with apologies from the Post-master of Bree)

To Master Nathanil Hawthorn,

Greetings to you! I hope all is well with you and your family this fine summer.

As you will have undoubtedly heard from Lunet by now, I returned to Bree-land in late May after a long campaign in the South. I spoke with my clients and they were most pleased with her service; I knew from early on that your daughter has the skills of her parents and I am very happy with what I have observed and heard over the last year.

I understand that you came along to help with a particularly troublesome case during her time minding my infirmary. I wanted to thank you for your assistance and meet with you for proper compensation, as well as to discuss her future career, if this pleases you.

Best regards,
Laerlin, daughter of Maendir

To Eruviel, Durrow, Bree-land
Sent Midsummer

Dear Eruviel,

I have not seen you in town and I recall you saying you were to leave again soon, so I write this to you to find upon your return.

I wished to let you know that I have heard from Peldirion. He was rather formal – of course he was – and gave me a lovely update about the rebuilding of Pelargir without divulging the bit of information I really wanted to know.

You see, in Minas Tirith he met a woman, another healer that I worked with in the Houses. I feel they would be most lovely for each other, but unfortunately she has taken an oath of chastity. I find it repulsive that to gain any knowledge or skills or ranks in the institutions of Gondor, women are forced to forego the beautiful experience of finding love and having a family. Is not the greatest healer in Middle-earth one who has children? Why has Gondor’s institutions foregone the wise ways of the Elves? I pray such practices do not develop in Arnor, should she be rebuilt- and I believe she will be!

I apologize for the tangent. I just wish to see them both happy and his lack of news on that matter makes me fear it has not worked out. I write to the woman in question after I finish composing this letter; I shall see what I can garner from her words, but I dare not ask her outright.

I hope your campaigns have been successful and relatively danger-free. Even with this new age, I  imagine that there will be some many years of cleaning the small bits of darkness and evil left behind. Would that they all disappeared!

I must admit I am quite glad not to be traveling right now. After over six months away from home, I only want to go home every night to my own bed and only drink Barliman’s fine brews. I know not if I will travel again at all for the remainder of the year! If nothing urgent calls, perhaps I will not. I’ve traveled enough the last year and a half to last me a long time.

I run out of room from my rambling. Do seek me out when you are again in town and we shall share a drink together.

Warm regards,


To Lalaith, Dol Amroth
Sent Late June

Dear Lalaith,

I hope you are well. You will notice that there are two letters in separate envelopes enclosed with mine. One is labeled to you and the other to Arameril, the daughter of Hathlafel. I will explain why it is enclosed here shortly, but first I will speak about the other one addressed to you. That one is from your brother. He was most unhappy that you had not remained in Minas Tirith, but I believe he finally begins to see the cruelties and games of his father. I will give you a moment to read your brother’s letter before delving into more business.

Dear sister,

I miss you. I wish you could come back so we could spend time together. I understand why you can’t, but that doesn’t mean I like it.

I won’t tell Father, I swear it. If you want to stay dead to him, your secret is safe with me. Cross my eye.

I’ll be 16 soon. I have plans. I want to share them with you, but I shouldn’t write. Will you come back to the City soon? Or can I come visit you?

Remember that summer we spent in Lossarnach? You always said it was the most boring summer of your life. But I loved it. Because it was you and me with Aunt Mimi and we got to play in creek beds and climb trees. Do you ever think about it?

Love you Lally.


He wanted me to give him your address, but I thought it prudent that he not have it while still living with Seregon. I leave that reveal to your discretion. It is clear to me though, with my few interactions with him, that he loves you dearly.

Before I left the City, I had collected statements from all of the Pelargir guards who witnessed Seregon’s heinous crimes and delivered complaints to the captains of the First and Second Companies, as well as had a friend of mine see them officially filed with the Houses of Law. I have more than one person remaining in Minas Tirith keeping an eye upon the household of Seregon. I do not know if they will go anywhere, but I thought I ought to let you know. Peldirion thought it important that this matter be pursued, as did others. I warrant they will have to sort away all the issues with the kingship before any real changes occur, though.

That was not the only strange business in Minas Tirith. I believe you were still there when Alduial suddenly left the Houses. I suppose her illicit transgressions finally caught up with her, at least from what I gathered from someone close to the family, with the death of her eldest brother and all. However, when I was leaving the services of the Houses of Healing before returning home, they claimed they were most desperate for healers. If they were so desperate, would they not analyze her case and see that her healing abilities far outweigh whatever policies they have in place? The Master of the Houses seemed to indicate it was Alduial’s choice to leave, rather than their choice to kick her out. I heard she left to Dol Amroth, though. Have you seen her? Know you anything about this strange puzzle?

I did feel sorry for her after Hathlafel’s death. I am of the same mind as you were with him, and I warrant they were close. There were simply too many inconsistencies within their story otherwise. But perhaps I should transition into the second letter I have here for you, for it does concern Hathlafel.

I had a very strange dream not too long ago (as of writing this letter), just a week or so past. In it, I met Arameril, the daughter of Hathlafel. She seemed… very real, though she was not as I remember her. She was not a young noble lady, but a warrior quite skilled. It was most strange. Regardless, she told me quite firmly that Hathlafel was actually alive. If Hathlafel does indeed live, could you please see that the letter enclosed is delivered to her? If he does not, please burn it. The letter would only make sense if Hathlafel yet lived – and if he does not, I do not want to bring again that grief to her.

A couple years ago I would never have thought about writing such a thing due to a dream, but the last year and a half have filled me with such strange visions in my dreams that I begin to wonder if one of my ancestors was a seer! You know about strange dreams after our experience the spring before this one, so I feel I can trust that you will not find me utterly mad in writing a letter based merely off a dream.

So much business has gone into these writings that I have not had the chance to ask how you are. I hope that you are happy. Please give me news of your own doings and of everyone I might know in Dol Amroth. I would hear of how everyone – including you – is getting along. There is little to say about myself – Bree-land goes about its merry way, as if there were nothing drastic happening elsewhere in the world. Bless these people. I hope they do not take the changes that will likely come with too much difficulty.

Please also tell me any news of Master Claur, if you know of him and have any. I wrote to him last fall before I left Bree-land. I never received any reply (and I checked through my mail many times) and I hope to hear that he is doing well. He was one of few friends made in my time in Dol Amroth. If there are any questions I may answer for you concerning anything or anyone in Bree-land, I would be most happy to.

I run out of space upon this second sheet, and so I will conclude it here. I hope to hear from you soon, Lalaith. May the Valar watch over you.

Best regards,

To Arameril, Dol Amroth
Sent Late June

To Arameril, daughter of Hathlafel,

I do not know if you remember me, but I treated your grandmother, the Lady Demechil, last summer in Dol Amroth. I hope she fares well – give her my regards.

If you are reading this, then your father is alive, and my heart is glad for you. I left Minas Tirith in the spring with the understanding that he had been killed in the battle of Pelennor. Still I held this belief until not too long ago.

You see, I had a very strange dream, and you were a part of it. I remember only a little about it, but one thing that stood out in my mind upon waking was your clear words about your father being alive. I simply had to write to you to ask if this was indeed true, and if so, if it was you who spoke to me in my dream or some other strange thing. Perhaps it was the Weaver of Dreams himself? I know not.

Regardless, with the reason of my writing out of the way, I would also inquire as to your health and well-being now that the War has ended and our reparations continue. Was Dol Amroth hit? I hope you weathered the storm better than Minas Tirith did – though weathered we did, it was not without great loss of both men of Gondor and of Rohan.

I look forward to hearing from you, if it pleases you. Please give my regards to your family.

Best wishes,
Laerlin, daughter of Maendir

To Halvagor, Minas Tirith
Sent Late June

Dear Halvagor,

I apologize for not writing to you immediately as I said I would; my fears about lack of work turned to be utterly unfounded as I found myself treating a terrible infection and serious second- degree burns within the first couple of weeks of being back and situated once more. My apprentice kept the building well and I am quite pleased with her, though I think something happened in the winter that she has not divulged due to a strange comment from the neighbor. I am not overly concerned, to be frank; I am not the most ideal teacher, so who am I to ask for an ideal student?

All is, for the most part, peaceful here. It was an admittedly strange transition at first, and not always an easy one. I fear I was short with many people. I do not think I would have recovered as quickly as I did without my work or without Dynt.

Regardless, whenever I do not have my blend I now have nightmares. I understand this is something that happens in those who experience horrors in life – and some of what I have been through in the last ten years I shared with you in the calm days before the storm overtook us. But I thought, with all my experience of horror, that the siege would not leave such an impact.

How terribly wrong I was. I can only imagine how the men who actually fought suffer and my heart aches for them. Would that they could know peace with the end of the war! For myself, I have now planted the seeds for my unusual ingredient in my blend specifically made for such matters, since the plant is not known as a healing herb to many and I cannot find it at the apothecary. If word of the king’s healing ever comes to Bree-land, perhaps I will have more luck.

I have told almost no one of his return. Only an elf and a couple of his kinsmen know, and both parties were aware of his existence, I imagine. I believe she is a Rivendell elf. Regardless, the Bree-landers and even my own countrymen I say naught to until news officially spreads North. I warrant it may be some months yet before everyone is satisfied in Minas Tirith and such news comes.

Please keep me abreast of news concerning Lord Seregon and his son, Saelthir – as well as the large, mute man named Orin, a servant of their household, if you can. I submitted all my evidence and witness testimonials to the captain of the second company, whose son I know well, but I understand that the situation will likely take some time. I am most concerned about Saelthir’s and Orin’s welfare in the matter.

Is your lady friend the jeweler still considering trade in Dol Amroth? They are a very ostentatious crowd so I warrant she would find good business there if Minas Tirith is still getting back onto her feet. I wonder if those who lost nothing in that city even recount the war now! But I think I am simply bitter that the only person I wrote to there never contacted me back. I am trying my luck again with another contact. Perhaps it will make me appreciate Dol Amroth a bit more, for all its queer qualities.

I have run out of room so I shall end it here. Please give my regards to Captain Berethor and all other mutual friends.

With warm regards,